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Sparrow / NmG


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Matt Wilson's converted his Myers Motors NMG Sparrow to Li-ion.

The conversion uses:

  • 39 each, 100 AH Thundersky cells
    • 17 under the seat
    • 16 under the hood
    • 6 in the hatch
  • Three different BMSs!
    • A Clean Power MiniBMS (analog BMS), cell boards mounted on each cell
    • An unknown, distributed, digital BMS mounted on cells under the hood and under the hatch
    • An non-distributed BMS connected to the cells under the seat

The traction pack specs are:

  • 127 V
  • 100 Ah
  • 12.7 kWh

Under-hood battery. MiniBMS on the cells (under the black boxes) and unknown BMS on top (black boxes)

Under-seat battery. MiniBMS cell boards mounted on the cells. Additionally, a tap wires go to a non-distributed BMS in the hatch.

Under-hatch battery. 6 cells behind the seat are part of the traction pack (MiniBMS on the cells (under the black boxes) and unknown BMS on top (black boxes)). 4 cells in foreground are the 12 V auxiliary battery (no BMS!). The green box is a Manzanita Micro charger. The blue can above the charger is a BMS master, not sure for which BMS

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