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1.  Intro

Frequently Asked Questions for the person new to the Sparrow

2.  What is a Sparrow?

It's a three-wheeled electric car which is licensed as a motorcycle.

3.  What can it carry?

 It carries one person and little else.

4.  How far can it go?

About 30 miles in good weather on smooth terrain. Much less in cold weather, hills or stop-and-go traffic. It is intended as a commuter vehicle, specifically people who commute relatively short distances.

5.  How much does it cost to operate?

The cost of electricity is usually negligeable, one or two pennies per mile. The cost of battery replacement can run as much as 20 cents per mile if the batteries are mistreated, though much lower costs can be acheived by not driving the maximum possible distance on every trip and by not driving with a lead foot.

Whether or not one should think of battery replacement as part of the "fuel" cost or "maintenance" cost really depends on one's point of view. A gas car's operational costs are high for both fuel and maintenance. An electric car's electricity costs are usually tiny and it's mechanical maintenance costs are often tiny too. The only significant ongoing cost is battery replacement. Sparrows can have a little bit higher mechanical cost simply because Sparrows weren't in production long enough for Corbin Motors to work out all the issues and build one that was highly reliable, leading many owners to spend a lot of time and money "upgrading" to more robust parts and systems.

6.  How fast does it go?

About 75 miles per hour. The speed is regulated by a governor, so you can accelerate better than you might expect.

7.  Is it safe?

That's difficult to know. There aren't enough of them for good statistical information. They are probably safer than a two-wheel motorcycle.

8.  How much do they cost?

That depends entirely on what you can get somebody to sell you one for. There were only about 300 of them made. They have all been sold. Used ones seem to sell for between $7000 and $16000 depending on condition and location. Myers Motors sells a very similar vehicle based on a lot of the same parts (called the NmG) for about $35,000.

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