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  1. 1. Intro
  2. 2. Manual
  3. 3. Configuration
  4. 4. Troubleshooting
    1. 4.1 Voltages at terminals

1.  Intro

2.  Manual

Manual (pdf)

3.  Configuration

Group Consensus E-meter Settings for the Sparrow

Parameter Displ Corbin Suggested
Description LED Code Setting Setting
Charged Voltage (V) 190 190
Charged Current Percent (A) 002 004
Battery Capacity (Ah) 65 55
Time or 4P means Percent (t) 4P 4P
Reset Ahrs, factory values RESET AH
Charging Efficiency Factor DATA E90 E90 E90
# of CEF Recalculations DATA +???
Deepest Discharge in AH DATA -???
Average Discharge in AH DATA ???
E-meter setting Lock out LOCK LOC Off Off (or On)
Auto Display Scanning FUNC F01 Off Off (or On)
Turn Display Off (Sleep) FUNC F02 Off Off (or On)
Battery Temperature (in C) FUNC F03 020 020
KWhr Display instead of AH FUNC F04 Off Off
Charge Params 1 min not 5 FUNC F05 Off Off
Manual CEF Set (A90=Auto) FUNC F06 A90 A90
Temperature Coefficient FUNC F07 0.5 0.5
Peukert Exponent FUNC F08 1.09 1.09
Discharge Floor (DOD) FUNC F09 100 080
Low Battery Recharge Pcnt FUNC F10 070 070
Low Battery Alarm On Pcnt FUNC F11 080 080
Low Voltage Alarm Threshold FUNC F12 105 115
Voltage Scaling 2={0-500V} FUNC F13 002 002
Enable Low Battery Alarm FUNC F14 Off Off (or On)
Display E-meter Version FUNC F15 ??? ???
E-meter Temp Sensor Enable FUNC F16 Off Off
Light Test FUNC F17

Setting Instructions:

- If the meter is locked, unlock it by following instructions below to set the LOCK function to Off. - Hold SET button for 3 seconds until display says SEL - Press SEL button to select a parameter - If a FUNC is selected, Press SET to see its value - Press SET button to set the value - The E-meter will go back to normal mode after a few seconds

Instructions using the E-meter to determine when to charge:

Note: the numbers in this section are for battery packs in broken in, new condition. If your battery pack is unbalanced or fading, you should drive even less on a charge.

Press the SEL button to choose which value you want to see:

 (t)  Percent remaining.  Don't ever get to 0%, and don't go down to 20% unless you really need to. Stay above 40-50% for long battery life.
 (V)  Voltage. If it goes below 150 after 2 minutes rest, 135 driving at constant 50A, 120 with the accelerator down. Then pull over, and wait for the voltage to get back above 150. Charge before driving again if it won't get back up to 150.
 (Ah) Amp Hours.  Don't exceed -36 AH ever, and don't exceed -30 AH unless you really need to.
 (A)  Amps. Avoid high (100+) Amps at low Percent.

The Columns:

"Parameter Description"- an attempt to explain what the parameter controls. "LED"- which LED will be lit up when that parameter is selected. "Displ Code"- what appears on the display when that parameter is selected. "Corbin Setting"- Settings Sparrows are delivered with,

     as posted from Lawrence From Environmental Motors 2/10/01. 

"Suggested Setting"- the group consensus setting.

With these settings the E-meter should detect the end of the charge cycle giving the blinking green light, and read zero Percent when the batteries are at 80% DOD.

4.  Troubleshooting

4.1  Voltages at terminals

  • With a voltmeter's negative lead on terminal 1 (brown) you should see:
    • Terminal 2 - 0 V
    • Terminal 3 - 0 V
    • Terminal 4 - 1/10 of pack voltage
    • Terminal 5 - 12 V supply
  • The 12 V supply is generated by a small DC-DC converter inside the EVCL box
  • The pack voltage sample is generated by a voltage divider, whose 2 legs are:
    • 1 leg is in the EVCL (about 1 Mohm)
    • 1 leg is the input impedance inside the e-meter (about 100 kohm)
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