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1.  Replacement belt:

  • Gates Polychain GT2, P/N: 8MGT-1600-36
  • Goodyear P/N: 8GTR-1600-36

Price: $ 70 to $ 200

2.  Replacement instructions:

Sparrow group files section, Srv01Blt.pdf

3.  Break

The drive belt breaks sometimes. Some Sparrows break belts more often than others.

4.  Squeal

Improper alignment or excessive tension in the belt makes it squeal. Solutions include:

  • plating the rear sprocket
  • lubing the belt
    • Do NOT use lubricants that contain solvents that might harm the belt!
  • cleaning the belt

5.  Form Rick Clester of Myers Motors

Belts have been a huge issue. If belts continuously break, the cost to replace offsets the benefit of driving electrically very quickly. One of the reasons R Bolstad's belt is lasting longer is due to a Inner Belt Guard installed. It is difficult to make an inner belt guard for the Corbin Swing arm because the Arm is round. On the Myers Motors Swing arm which is rectangular tube, it is much easier to make an inner guard that decreases the possibility of slinging stones or debris when putting the vehicle in reverse.

We were noticing quite a few belts breaking about 6 years ago and the Gates Belt and our pulley distributor told us he was having problems with┬ close to a┬ 50% break rate... he quit supplying Gates... we looked for a different belt. Fortunately, Goodyear came out with the Falcon HTC┬ 8GTR-1600-36 belt that we believe is better and quieter. So that is now what we've been using.

Later on, Gates changed their belt and it now has a blue inner color tooth material... supposedly it is better.... but I have no proof. But when we did use it I had no major breaking being reported... and belt sales has decreased on our web.

Another contributing factor is that we have changed the front pulley and rear pulley to different sizes. We are now a 4.194 gear ratio. The front pulley has 31 teeth and the rear pulley has 130 versus the 24/135 that the Corbin Sparrow has. This has reduced the small diameter that the belt sees and has reduced the extreme torque that the Corbin has had.

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