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1.  Intro

2.  Early model "Skinny" Wheels

3.  Late model 13-inch wheels

Due to center of gravity concerns, and the availability of replacement parts, Sparrows were later built with three matching 13-inch wheels and a modified suspension system and swing arm. The original wheels were made by Primax, size 13x5.5JJ with 4x100 bolt pattern and 38mm offset. Tires were 155/80R13. Wheel and tire replacements are limited by width since it's a tight fit into the fender and front wheel panels.

4.  Getting to the steering rack

1. Remove steering column.... a big job.

2. Remove tie rod ends at ball joints

3. unscrew the joints. mark thread count for re-install

4. unbolt the rack

5. wiggly it was wiggle, wiggle, fuss , fuss, pop,, how did I do that?

6. service and re-install.

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